Donations Anyone?

Alright, I saw someone (I think it was Book Vault) asking for donations for a contest. I thought that was a super-cool idea!

I'm going to be having a HUGE contest in September celebrating my birthday (seriously, guys. This thing is going to be massive. And I'm hoping to give away some really fantastic books and other various prizes every week!).

Any authors want to donate some of their books? Anyone made something cool that they'd like to let people know about? Send me a buzz:

I'd love ta hear from ya!

~Enna Isilee


  1. Ooh! Celes made a bunch of cute earrings for her Etsy shop. Check out her latest blog post:

  2. I saw. I was going to post about it soon. And I believe she already said she was going to donate some.

    They're so cute aren't they? I love the question marks and semicolons.

  3. Yes indeedy. And, Q, you're totally my favorite today for doing more advertising.


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