And then there was one...

Alright, I'm back and I've removed my guest bloggers from my blog. I was slightly hesitant to do this because it seems that they do such a better job than me. I read their posts and went: "Wow. No one wants to hear from plain old me anymore."

Guest blogging is so fun, I think I'm going to have people do it more often. Even when I'm not out of town.

Okay, in other news please note Book Vault's Birthday Riddle, it's one post down. I really wanted to write a "I'm Back!" post, or else I would have waited until tomorrow to write a new post.

Things that happened to me while I was gone:

1. I got no sleep
2. I got a cold
3. I swallowed a pill for the FIRST TIME IN MY ENTIRE LIFE
4. I ate WAY too much...
5. ...but I had to walk A LOT so I didn't feel so guilty
6. I just about tore out my hair when I realized there was NO computer access
7. I finished Silksinger by Laini Taylor (It's AMAZING)
8. I'm so excited to be back.

*sigh* Happy days.

~Enna Isilee


  1. Hooray! Guest blogging was fun. :) Glad you're back, though.

  2. Guest blogging is fun, and of course people want to hear from you!!!
    Sorry there was no computer access.
    And eating a lot + walking a lot? NO guilt! It evens out! LOL

    Yay for swallowing a pill though. It took me forever, but I finally had too or I don't know how I was supposed to take medicine. haha


  3. Pills are the best (in a way). I cannot stand the liquidy gross-ish stuff. ;)

  4. It's great to have you back.

  5. Welcome home! It took me years to be comfortable with pill-swallowing. Congrats on your achievement!


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