Volume II is out!

All righty! I sent off Volume II of Squeaky News last night. How was it? Could you see the images this time? Was your text all weirdly centered and squished? Was the content amazingly brilliant and informative? ;)

Also, what do you guys think of the blog colors changing every month? Or should I just stick with red and blue?

~Enna Isilee


  1. I like the colors, you could change them every month if you wanted to, but it might become tedious.

  2. I got it! And it looked great!

    (And thank you!)

  3. I got mine, and I could see the images, and my text was find, not weird at all. I really liked Heather's winning entry, it was very cool.

  4. I think changing the color scheme every month is a cool idea.

    Cool world, Heather!

  5. I was just wondering, but...I subscribed to your newsletter, and I'm not exactly sure how to view it (?) I confirmed my subscription...

  6. Did you just barely subscribe? I'll post a link to the online version in a few days, but you need to have subscribed before 7:30 MST last night to have gotten the e-mail.

  7. Oh, I see - yeah, I just subscribed. Thanks for clarifying. :)

  8. Colors changing would be awesome!

    And I loved your newsletter, and everything came through :)


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