Two years ago today

Two years ago today I first met Shannon Hale.
Two years ago today I first began The Goose Girl.
Two years agot today a chain of events began that caused me to:

Read squeetus. Join LRRH. Find out about book blogging. Go to all of Shannon Hale's events. Meet some amazing people (Laura, Celes, hwalk, Faith, Gretchen, Q, and so many more).

Two years ago today my life changed.

And it's rocked ever since.

Thank you Shannon Hale!
Thank you BYU!
Thank you all my wonderful friends who put up with my obsession with July 14th!

Thank you.

~Enna Isilee

P.S. Yes. I know it sounds crazy. And if you ask Shannon she'll say something along the lines of: "Well you really shouldn't be thanking me because my parents made me the way I am, and their parents made them the way they are and..." yada, yada, yada.

Whatever, Shannon. It's shorter just to thank you. ;)


  1. You rock. So glad we could 'meet' via the Shannon-craze. :)

  2. Shannon changed my life, too.

  3. I know, go Shannon for bringing all of us together! I love that you remember the exact date and all. It's been roughly three years for me? I think?

  4. Yay for Shannon!

    BTW, in case I never blog about it, BYU is having one of their sidewalk book sales, and they're selling one of the white cover paperbacks of GG for cheap (I can't remember the price) along with a bunch of other stuff for good prices. Like the $35 illustrated hardback edition of The Hobbit for only $13!

  5. Go July 14th! I'm with the Shannon-changed-my-life group as well. Really. It's awesome.

  6. You are a dear, Enna Isilee.

    I was a witness to the events of July 14, 2006. I think the trajectory of more than one life was altered on that day.

  7. Heh. Hi, LR. Haven't seen you around here before. And I believe you are correct.


  8. And I am so happy that this day began the string of events leading to you making this awesome blog!

    And Shannon Hale rockz on a molecular level.



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