So... Breaking Dawn...

So... Breaking Dawn comes out in two days.

I'm excited for it, but in a purely pessimistic way.

I'm also really glad that this will end it. No more getting together with my girl-friends and having them go:

"Oh my gosh! Will Bella turn into a vampire or what?"
"Like, totally!"
"I actually think Jacob is really hot."
"No way! Cuz I totally love Edward!"
"Oh my gosh!"

Okay... so my friends aren't that ditzy, but you get the point.


  1. It certainly can be a problem.

  2. I'd like to see what happens. See if I'll finally like one of the guys, and just have a good experience. Right now I'm just excited to got to a release party and dress up with my friend. :D I'm going as Victoria and she is going as Alice.

  3. heheh ;)

    I'm going to a midnight release...but I'm not buying a book. My friends think I'm crazy, but they'll be done with it in like a day anyway and then I can just borrow it from them. I guess, curious as I am to see what happens, there's just other books I'd rather spend my money on. But I am still excited for the release party. :D


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