Journal Obsession

Okay, confession: I am obsessed with journals. I very rarely write in them, but I LOVE them. I just thought I’d post some pictures of my collection (and this collection has grown since I took the pictures):
Here’s all of the ones I could find.

This one’s probably the oldest. I wrote quite a bit in it, but it’s still less than half-way full.
This one’s written in a different language that I made up.
This one contains a story that I wrote. The story I never finished. It was really… not good.
These two are both completely empty.
This one contains the same story that’s in the polka dot one, only typed up.
This is one of my newer acquisitions. It’s like an old-fashioned sketchbook. I really like it.

I also have bought a cream colored one with colorful flowers, and a purple and green one with butterflies, since I took these pictures. I’m too lazy to take new pictures.

So, I guess that’s just the writer/pack-rat in me. I love all kinds of notebooks.
~Enna Isilee


  1. Heheh. I do relate, though somewhere along the way I started finishing journals.

  2. I never finish my journals. I probably go...what? Ten pages? Then I stop. But I also love journals. They're cool. :)
    -Rebecca Joy from LRRH-

  3. I have notebooks and journals in all kinds of places in my room. Mostly I get them from my mom, or Santa. :)

  4. I have the green one with the dog on it! I used to to write down my piano assignments for five years until it was filled to bursting.
    I have a ton of journals, one really nice and a few not that great, but I don't write in them often.

  5. I think I have a whole cupbpard of notebooks and journals, some of which are written in and some which aren't. I love your last one your latest one. Oh and writing in your own made up language is cool too!

  6. Whoa. Weird. You mean there are actually people like me in the world who collect journals? I just got the most gorgeous one from Barnes and Noble yesterday... Heh. That might be a fun post! Mind if I borrow the idea?


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