Duh! If you want more color, add color!

Okay. So, Q, I read your comment about missing the flowers and I thought "Yeah. I miss 'em too." But I was sick of having just green.

So, ta da! I changed the colors!

I wanted to have something to do with butterflies, but I didn't like how much white space was left over. So, the colors may fluctuate, but I think I'm going to stick with the flowers. Because, to be honest, I wasn't getting a vibe that people liked the butterfly layouts so much as the flowers.

What do you guys think of having different colors every month? That could be cool.

This project has consumed me today. I have made absolutely no progress on my writing, but my photoshop skills have improved.


  1. My only comment is that maybe you might want to change the link color. I can see it, but maybe something else would be better. But I really really love this layout, Ennalee. I think it's the best you've come up with. :D



    It's swoon-worthy, I tell you!!

    (agreed, though; for absolute perfection a slightly more visible font color would do the trick!)

  3. super-cute. way better than what you had earlier today. Oh, and congrats on getting a mention from Laini!

  4. OH I LOVE IT. That is such a fantastic idea! I wish I knew how to change my template colors like that--then I wouldn't be stuck in purple. I also wish I knew how to find curls to put on a cute header.

  5. I like it! You should definitely keep the flower theme :D


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