The Strand Prophecy—J.B.B. Winner

A cloaked figure appears outside the white house with a message for the president: The world is about to experience an evolutionary spike which will change earth’s history. This cloaked figure is Strand, and he’s trying to save the world.

This book couldn't decide whether it was a comic book or a novel and ended up being a mangled mess of both. The storyline was interesting (albeit drawn out) but the writing was gross! I recognize that it was written by two thirteen-year-old girls and their father, and I commend the girls. I can't even get a first draft out, ladies. Good for you! But as a published work... it was boring and annoying. There were somethings I really wanted to know that they hardly even talked about and things I didn't want to know and they spent FOREVER on them! Plus, the book had a catchphrase "And something more." "You are a monkey, and something more." "You are a man, and something more." "You are a mariner, and something more." Gah! There was one page where it said that three times!

I kinda liked it. It's not something I would read if I had anything else to do, but I had a few free days.

~Enna Isilee

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