Feed Troubles. Urgh!

Okay, so for the last while I've been TRYING to fix my feed. If you try to subscribe to me curently you get some random thing for honda spoilers. I have no idea what that is.

Someone found my feed address but it was really complicated so I've gone and made a feedburner feed. I've tested this on my Google Reader and it works. Here's the URL:


Hopefully that helps, I'm going to put it in my sidebar.


  1. It seemed to work. I noticed the link wasn't working on my site, and now it works perfectly.

  2. I've already got you on my Reader with the big mean complicated one.

  3. Yes. I do read your blog. And faithfully as well. I'm not just a link hound with aspirations of spamming themselves on good blogs. I also receive your newsletter.


  4. Fantastic! I've added you to my blogroll and reader!


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