FarWorld: Water Keep-- J. Scott Savage

A crippled boy dreams of a better world. He even has a name for this place: FarWorld. There magic is real. Trees speak. Lizards fly. And currently, chaos abounds.

I joined the Far World blog tour and got an ARC of this book. For one, it was a lot bigger than I expected. For two, I also expected it to be bit cliché and unoriginal (boy with supernatural powers must save the world). But I am happy to announce that it was a good book. I found that the characters were interesting, the plot intriguing, and there were some small aspects of the writing that really made me enjoy this book. I think it's great for younger readers (ages 9-14)-- both boys and girls alike.

~Enna Isilee

P.S. I'm going to host a contest giving away a free ARC of this book. I'll announce the contest this Sunday. Anyone is eligible to participate.


  1. I'm tagging you again check out my blog for the rules

  2. So cool! It actually sounds kinda good.

  3. The book is definitely on my to read list. (I wish I had more time!)


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