Erec Rex: The Dragon’s Eye-- Kaza Kingsley

Not going to lie, I did not expect to like this book. Seemed to me like a total Harry Potter knock-off (Charlie Bone anyone?) but it wasn't. It was a really facinating story that I think is great for younger readers. I'm definitely going to reccomend it to middle-graders.
It has the basic "boy-goes-off, possibly-to-save-the-world" theme, but with some interesting twists and loops. I liked seeing into Erec's mind, because he has some interesting thoughts and feelings.
And a big plus, I didn't get frustrated with characters! I get frustrated so often and I didn' t in this book (at least, not with the good guys).
So read it if you like MG books.
~Enna Isilee

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  1. Nice! I appreciate learning about this book since I need to have something to read to the boys during the summer :)


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