Hey girlies(and boys, do any boys read my blog? It's so hard to tell),

I've started a newsletter! You can sign up in the sidebar. Just tell me your name and E-mail address. Your name doesn't have to be your real name, not at all. And I promise I will never give out your e-mail without your consent. You will not be spammed.

Okay. I just wanted to make that really, really clear.

My newsletter won't be anything big. Just a list of the latest releases, contests going on in the blogoverse, and stuff. I plan on hosting my own contest soon too! w00t!

Don't feel like you have to sign up (though it would make me feel warm and fuzzy if you did). I recognize that a lot of you don't want to give out your e-mail. But if you have a second anonymous account like I do, go for it!

Thanks a bunch guys (and gals),
Enna Isilee


  1. That's cool, it will make it easier to see if you posted anything knew.

  2. Not really, Taiger. It's a monthly newsletter that won't really have anything to do about what I post.

    Thanks so much, guys for signing up. I feel so special!

  3. Taiger: Do you use a feed reader? Then you just visit one site and can read new posts from all the blogs you're subscribed to, so you don't have to keep checking.

  4. Spiff. You're such a make-things-happen girl, Enna Isilee.


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