Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers-- Mary Roach

Before I begin, a random fact: If you google “Squeaky Books” I am the first result. w00t! Of course, Squeaky Books is not a very… common term, seeing as I made it up. But if you google “squeakybooks” as one word, then I’m not the first result. A livejournal account is. And if you go to you will find a blog that hasn’t been posted on in a while but, if you scroll down you will find that the second-to-last post is on Stiff. I found this after I had started reading the book.

I didn’t finish this book. I found it curious, but not interesting. I got over half-way through and decided that I just didn’t care enough to keep reading. Really, the only reason I posted about it is because I wanted to point out the coincidence of the other blog. And now I’m going to the other blog-hosting websites and registering Squeaky Books so no one else can have it. I’m very territorial.

~Enna Isilee

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