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This is a Meme-y week.

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1.) If you could change your name, what would you change it to?

Enna-Isilee. Of course, I would only change it to that if I went back in time and that’s what it was originally. Because I’ve grown so used to it without the hyphen that I couldn’t readjust now. Though it would be nice… might stop some people from calling me just plain “Enna” (if you call me that then no worries, but now you know that I do not like it.

2.) If you were writing a book, what would your lead character's name be?

*sigh* Kaytan or Chloe. Kaytan’s more for a mythical setting, Chloe for a more realistic.

3.) What is your least favorite food?

Oh… I don’t like complicated foods, I may have mentioned this before. I like cheese, I like rice, I like chicken, but mix them all together and it’s a gag-fest. Chicken pot pie is extremely horrible. I’m “Monk”ish in these situations but… meh. C’est moi.

4.) Are there any songs that get stuck in your head really easily? How do you get them out? Ah! And now they’re all playing in my head at the same time! Thanks a lot! *grumbles* Stupid question.

5.) If you could be (or are) a mythical creature, what would it be (or what are you)? First instinct is to say dragon, but after thought I have decided that, despite their royal nature, I would not want to be hunted down, or scaly. So… maybe a winged horse.

6.) What do colors taste like?

Old eggs and toothpaste. Seriously.

7.) Which Disney princess is your favorite?

InkMage’s Answer:”Eew, Disney's animation?! None of them, thank you. They're all helpless little perfect-looking sticks.”

Not true! Granted, most of them are, but not Belle! I love her! She’s a reader and she loves her family.

8.) Name three (or more if you like) fawesome words.

Asparagus, lackadaisical, hippopotomonstrosesquipadaliophobia

9.) What kind of toothpaste do you use?

Crest and Colgate

10.) If you could chose one superpower, what would it be?

Flying! No doubt!
11.) What do you usually eat for breakfast?

Just an instant breakfast. That powdered chocolate put into warm milk. Easy, fast, and fills me until lunch.

12.) If there was one thing you could fix about your school (or work if you don’t go to school, or home if you don’t do either ;) ) what would it be, and what would you change it to?

Hm… what would I change… I would change the old, crotchety history teacher (who hates me) into a nice, young new teacher who could actually teach.

I tag... (I hate tagging, because I really want to tag people, but I don't know who's already been tagged or who reads my blog) Anilee...(I've seen you around a couple times) Q... (I know you do memes, I've seen it ;) ) and... um... I want to say Mima, but it's almost garunteed that she's already been tagged. Well. I'll say it anyway. Mima!

Okay, there's my three.


  1. So now I want to know how you know what colors taste like.

  2. Good answers!

    I did the meme.

  3. I'd be Belle too. Belle rocks! Thanks for stopping by my site, and thanks especially for skipping out on laundry to read my book! You're awesome and I'm so glad to have met you!

    And yeah, I'm with Erin, why do you know what colors taste like? You've been dipping into the crayola box again, haven't you? ;)

  4. *cough* No... of course not...

    And the laundry did eventually get done, but not until I finished. :)

  5. Ha, your line about being "Monk"ish seriously made me laugh.


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