Fablehaven-- Brandon Mull

I’d heard a lot about Fablehaven, but hadn’t picked it up until recently.

It’s the story of Seth and Kendra who go visit their grandparents and discover that their grandparents live on a wildlife preserve for magical creatures. But (of course) not all the magical creatures are good. In fact, most aren’t.

This book was a breezy read. I was able to read it straight through in a short amount of time. My younger sibling is now reading it and really likes it. It’s great for little kids, even though there are some words and concepts that a kid wouldn’t understand.

I liked it.

~Enna Isilee


  1. I have heard of this but not yet read it. I will put it on my list thanks.

  2. It's on my to read list, but not my to buy list, and the library never has it. But I'll get to it.


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