Delayed Reactions

Okay, couple of delayed reactions. First off, I just realized that this is my 101 post, which means the post before it was 100. w00t? I guess I should do something... but I'm not going two.

Secondly, I have discovered that I should not read books while under mental or physical duress. I read Sarah Beth Durst's Out of the Wild in one day and it was a day where everything bad seemed to be happening to me, and I think that my have slightly affected my opinion of the book. Plus I wish I had savored it more, but the aforementioned "duress" required something to take my mind off my current situation. So in this case it is a delayed review. I won't be reviewing it until I read it again under more welcoming circumstances.

~Enna Isilee


  1. I know what you mean :)

    By the way, how'd you get a copy of Out of the Wild ahead of time??? I can't wait til it comes out!

  2. I won SBD's T-shirt contest.

    *eye roll* I can't believe I said, "I'm not going two." Oi.


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