Sticky Post-- Twisted Fairy Tale Challenge Over!

The Twisted Fairy Tale Challenge ends at 11:59pm May 5th!
Post last minute reviews here:

Thanks to all who participated!

This is a sticky post, scroll down for more recent posts.


  1. Ah - that explains the "May 5" at the top of the post. ;) I was getting a bit confused...and my mind is a bit fuzzy this morning besides. ;)

  2. Hi! I love your blog! I had a question: how do you get the "recent comments" widget onto your blog? Thanks! :)

  3. Hey,

    I really have no idea how it works. I know that, in blogger, there's an option to "Add a Feed" to your sidebar. You have to add your comments feed URL. I don't know how to find the URL, my friend found it for me. So... maybe she could find your's too. What's your blog?

  4. In most cases, the post feed is

    Just change "posts" to "comments" for the comment feed.

  5. Oh! I just saw the question. Ha ha. My blog is

  6. I'm not sure if you're looking for wrap-up posts, but here's mine.

  7. Oh dear.

    I'm sorry, Ennalee, but I'm not going to finish.

    Finals happened.

  8. Well, I read five backs before May 5, but I think only one of them was a twisted fairytale. :)


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