Something that Tickled me

While talking to some relatives, my cousin, while speaking of her son, said:

"He can eat hamburgers until the cows come home.

Or... don't."

You may not find it funny. But I sure did.

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  1. Oh, that is funny. I'm still giggling.

    I have a cousin's child thing too: my cousin was talking to her daughter once,

    Cousin: Emma, could you do me a favor?
    Daughter: What, Mommy?
    Cousin: Could you stop being so cute?
    Daughter: ...No.
    Cousin: Oh, please? You're so cute I can hardly stand it sometimes!
    Daughter: (adorable dimpled smile) ...No!

    The same cousin's daughter used to say when she was little and someone called her cute, "I'm not cute, I'm Emma!"


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