Over a year

I just noticed that it's been over a year since I first created this blog. Of course, you readers wouldn't know that because I've hidden all the posts I wrote from January 2007-June 2007. I first intended this blog to be a place to put my writing, and what I was writing at the time was this really interesting story about modern human evolution. But I guess I also went through some kind of violent phase. This is the first post I ever posted on this blog on January 19, 2007, it's a piece from the novel I was writing and it's a bit creepy:

"A Piece of Evolution"

Ben threw himself at Chloe, arms up with feral claws and teeth extended. In a flash her arms were raised in self defense, his stick still in her hands.

The sound she then heard was like a finger swirling water, a gentle swoosh, that sounded so peaceful.

She watched in horror as Ben’s legs were slowly separated from his body by the terrible black stick, his eyes widening in painless shock. There was no blood, but of course there wouldn't be.

“No,” was the only whisper that escaped from her ice cold lips.

Yeah... kinda odd. And there's some background information that your missing, like what exactly the stick is. But still... I think it was during this time I had recently discovered Dreadcrumbs, and my mind was poisoned. ;)



  1. WHOA.
    *eyes pop*
    That was...violent. heheh.

  2. Wow. That was rather Dreadcrumbs-y, I must say.

  3. Yeah. Like I said, that's really not me. I read that and kind of grimaced. I don't even remember where I was going with that story.

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