Nobody’s Princess-- Esther Friesner

The story of Helen of Troy, like I’d never seen before.

When I think of Helen I think of a beautiful girl who caused one of the greatest wars of all time. I don’t think I ever really thought of her as a person. But let me tell you- Helen is sassy and she rocks! It was great to see her grow up and her thoughts.

This book read a little choppily for me. Jumping from event to event and not really flushing out any of them. It seemed to me that the ending of this book was more of a beginning, which makes me eager for the sequel, Nobody’s Prize.

Great girl-power book. Enjoyable read.

~Enna Isilee

I've got a ton of overdue reviews hanging over my head, so I'll be posting at least once a day. And I WILL do Mondays [note lack of apostrophe] with Jane tomorrow. It's a good 'un. So...

Coming soon, a review of Jinx by Meg Cabot


  1. This seems really cool, I'll have to read it. *adds to super-long list to buy*

  2. I saw a review for this a while back, I really want to read it. I can't find it anywhere, though...

  3. Hm. I always thought of Helen as a self-centered, arrogant twit. But that could be because I did a report on her once, where I had almost no sources. I also read Goddess of Yesterday (I recommend (did I spell that right?) it).

    No apostrophe! Thank you, Enna Isilee!

  4. I'm waiting for paperback for this one, but I really want to read it. More than once, I've almost bought it.

    Q, I really liked Goddess of Yesterday too.

  5. I got this for Christmas, but haven't gotten to read it yet. I can't wait to though!

    I'm Sophie, from LittleRedReadingHood, by the way.


  6. I liked this book a lot!

    And I tagged you with a meme, if you'd like to play:

  7. Must read! It sounds like it's really kewel. :D

  8. How very ironic. I reviewed this on the Maelstrom not many days back. It's interesting to see a new take on the wonders of Ms. Friesner's writings. Check out what I wrote if you'd like as it might be fun to compare. It's the third post down I believe.

    Laughing in surprise,
    *Aella Siofra*

    P.S. We just had an interview with her as well if you'd like to see some background.


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