My First Interview-- Jessica Day George

The following is an interview with Jessica Day George discussing her latest book Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow.

(Wow, that sounded really... proper)

What made you decide to write a novel based on East of the Sun, West of the Moon?
East o' the Sun is my favorite fairy tale. I grew up with the P.J. Lynch illustrated picture book, and I always wanted to write a novel based on it, to really explore the whole story.

In Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow the main character has no name. What did you intend by this? Significance?

In many fairy tales, the main character isn't named, particularly in Scandinavian stories. They are called "the woodcutter's daughter" or "the youngest son", and I thought it would be interesting if that were because she actually didn't have a name. This adds a complication to her life, because there is a superstition that unnamed, unbaptized children are at the risk of being taken by trolls or other evil creatures.

What was the most difficult part of writing Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow?

Finding a way of showing how the isbjorn and the lass became friends without going on and on about everything they did all day. "First they got up. They had breakfast together. Then they took walk. . . .SNORE!"

What did you do in preparation for writing Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow?

I didn't do a whole lot of research, if that's what you mean. I had studied folk and fairy tales in college, and also Old Norse, Norwegian, and Scandinavian history, so I had that as a background to give the story a definite Norwegian flavor. But I did reread the original story, and I kept Norwegian and Old Norse dictionaries at hand, so that I could look up words that I wanted to use, like the names for the old mosters' horses. I ate a lot of Twizzlers, and chocolate chips, that always helps the writing process.

Will there be more books about the Lass?

To me, her story is finished, so at this point I have no ideas for other books about her. I am mulling over a book about the vikings, but that would probably be mostly historical fiction, no magic or talking polar bears.

What advice do you have to future writers and avid readers?

For writers: read and read and read. You need to experience good books so that you can see how it's done. And try to read a variety of things: fairy tales, mysteries, biographies, the classics, poetry. And don't be afraid to write, and keep everything you write, even if it looks silly to you later. I've tossed a couple of my first short stories, and now I wish that I had them, because fifteen years down the road I've realized that they weren't too bad, and I could have rewritten them! For avid readers: don't be afraid to try new authors, different books.

Anything else you’d like to add/say?
Dragon Flight, the sequel to Dragon Slippers, comes out at the end of April. And I like it when people send me roses and dark chocolate. ;)


You guys will probably believe me when I say that I'm here sitting at my computer litterally "squee"ing. Serious. I'm going "Squee-ee-ee-ee-ee!" and bouncing in my chair. All y'all who have interviewed authors before, I applaud you. All y'all you haven't I say go for it! It's really not that scary (especially if you pick someone super coolio).

Whoo! I really hope Jessica does more local things, and it'd be even better if she did it with Shannon! I was going to go to one of the events but I think it was snowing and I probably would have crashed and died. [Edit:] I just saw that I missed her yesterday but she's going to be at LTUE which I really hope to be able to go to!

Uh-oh, I'm starting to go off on tangents.

Anyway, thanks again to Jessica George, you're a peach! And I'll be sure to go out and buy some chocolate and roses, just for you!

~Enna Isilee

Coming as soon as I'm out of my "squee" phase, a review of Hush by Donna Jo Napoli.

Also, for those of you interested you can visit Jessica's Site at and under Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow you can find a handy "Interview" link that has a video of Jessica talking about the book.


  1. I love Jessica Day George! That was a really cool interview. The reason that she didn't name her is cool. :D

    I really want to interview someone I just don't know who...

  2. BRAVO! That was a truly fun interview. Thanks to you both!

  3. Great! Awesome interview, worth the squeeing.

  4. You see? Authors don't bite (usually).

    Great interview!

  5. Cool! I'll actually read this interview once I've read Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow (it's sitting in my book bag/TBR stack right now but I haven't picked it up yet).

  6. WOW. That is seriously awexome.
    Wow, I haven't read this yet, but it sounds cool. And, well, vikings rock, so I like her even more now. :D Dragon Slippers is among my favorite books. This was such a cool interview, Enilee! Write more!

  7. Great first interview! I can't wait to read more. Thanks. I can't wait to read S&M, I&S.


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