The Icing on the Cake-- Elodia Strain

*raucous laughter* This- book- made- me- laugh- so- hard! Taiger’s aunt recommended it to her and then Taiger recommended it to me and I adored it! It was so cute. Utterly non-fantasy (which I usually never read) and yet utterly enjoyable.

It’s LDS fiction and all about a young woman and just the stresses of her life. Balancing work, church, love, family, and morals. Delightful. It's also a fantastic love story. And it's real.

There were a few LDS moments that were slower (even for me, and I am LDS) but these moments gave the book a more... real feel, and added a dimension beyond just comedy.

I was a bit reluctant to post this, as I know that not all of you are LDS and don’t agree with some of the views, but I keep a perfectly neutral view and so does the book. Of course, most of the characters believe their religion is correct, but there is no bashing of other religions.

I think that’s all I need to say…

~Enna Isilee

Coming soon, a review on A Great and Terrible Beauty and Rebel Angels by Libba Bray


  1. Yes, this book is great. If the LDS church was never mentioned in this book, I doubt anyone of you would have even noticed. Besides the fact that she has good values, which most people from other churches have as well. I loved Annabelle (the main character). She was so real, I think anyone would enjoy reading her story. She is a delightful narrator. As long as you keep an open mind. ;)

  2. I don't actually have a copy... but I'm planning on buying one.

  3. I have my aunt's copy, but I don't think it's a good idea to mail someone else book. ;)

  4. Sounds like a great book, I'll have to check if it's in my library. ^^

  5. This sounds like a really great book! Maybe I'll see if they have it at the library too...

  6. I have not read an LDS fiction book in a long time. But its good to know there are some good ones out there.

  7. I might try it. I mean I'm not LDS, but I doubt it would bother me.

  8. Yeah, and I would read a book if it was about a Catholic or Baptist, etc. It wouldn't bother me.


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