A Great and Terrible Beauty-- Libba Bray

First, let me say that I am insanely jealous of all of you that have recently met Libba Bray and Shannon Hale. That is SO not fair (jk. I’m a pretty fortunate person when it comes to Shannon).

Okay. I’ve gotten that off my chest (again) and now I can get to the review.

About a year ago I picked up the ABRIDGED version of AGaTB and listened to it. It was… okay.

And then, when I heard Shannon was touring with Libba I actually picked up the book and read it.


DO NOT listen to the abridged version! It doesn’t do it even the remotest bit of justice! *gasp*

I read this book almost a month ago and I’m still in too much shock to say much else. Most of you know the basic plot so I won’t go into that.

Rebel Angels is equally good. I haven’t gotten my hands on The Sweet Far Thing yet and it’s eating me up inside. What happened to Gemma?!

I know that some people don’t like these books because of the racy-ness (Q), and I don’t blame them. So far it’s just dream-racy-ness, but I don’t know what happens next so… I'm no authority

*Deep breath* Woo.

~Enna Isilee

Coming soon, a review on the Midnighters series by Scott Westerfeld.


  1. I've heard that they were simply fabulous as well. Still, one can always watch the videos on youtube of them. It It definitely remedies the jealousy. :D

  2. Gah, I have to read this too! How do you manage to get your hands on so many good books? And why can't I steal your free time to read them?

  3. Hey, what's wrong with not liking racyness?


    But I still really don't appreciate the content, even just in dream. It got too in-depth, until I was thinking, "WHOA THERE, GEMMA! Too much information!"

    So I am not ashamed. I will not ever read Rebel Angels or The Sweet Far Thing. Libba Bray has lost my trust.

  4. I have connections. ;)

    And I'm failing history. (not really, but almost)

  5. It continues to be "dream racy-ness."

    It doesn't really bother me. In books of that size, one two-page scene in each (and that's really all there is in my opinion) is pretty good. Of course, I have a very high tolerance for racy-ness. It's normally when it becomes trashy that I have a problem with it. One scene I'm all right with.

    Oh...and I must say, it's nice to have Enna Isilee, Girl Who Attends All the Shannon Signings She Can Which Is Way More Than I Can, is jealous of me. ;-)

    Because they were amazing and awesome and amazingly awesome and awesomely amazing and it hurts knowing that last week as this time I was waiting for my chance to actually SPEAK TO SHANNON! I shall never forget the look when her face when I told her I was Anidori-Isilee....

  6. Just like I'll never forget her face when I told her I had read PA.

  7. And I'll never forget her face when I told her I was Q. She said, "Oh, you're Q!" and seemed startled.

  8. *weeps* I still don't have these books yet...they're on the top of my "wanted" list right now...*sighs*

  9. I'd don't know, I kind of want to try them. But I don't want to read about stuff that's not good. Is it very explicit? Can it easily be skipped?

  10. I LOVE this series. I've read each of the 3 books at least twice. Libba Bray did an excellent job of world building, the characters were brilliant, and I never knew what was coming next. Your review makes me want to revisit the series!


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