The Adoration of Jenna Fox-- Mary E. Pearson

“I wonder at the weight of a sparrow.” ~Jenna Fox

Jenna, the adored miracle-child, has been in an accident. Or at least that’s what they tell her. She
can’t remember. But she knows something’s not right. Why are they here in this rinky-dink town? Why does her grandmother hate her? And why all the secrets?

Ya know. I don’t like Sci-fi generally. And this book is sci-fi. But I LOVED this book. OUTRAGEOUSLY loved it. It’s just… so good, and beautifully written. I absolutely bawled at the end. It’s so sad and yet so beautiful. Jenna is so interesting. And to see her re-learn and figure out things that are so confusing and convoluted is utterly fascinating. And asks you the question, “How far would you go for someone you loved?”

I definitely recommend it. It comes out later this spring.

~Enna Isilee

Coming soon, a review of Dragon’s Keep by Janet Lee Carey


  1. I vanna read it! It sounds great, and right up my alley.

    On another note, can't wait to see whatcha thought of Dragon's Keep - I read it last summer and enjoyed it, though it wasn't in my favorite's list.

  2. WHY can't I ever find an ARC?

  3. I'm not much of a scif-fi fan either...but I'm open to anything that sounds this OUTRAGEOUSLY good.


  4. Oh, I loved this book! Mary Pearson is brilliant. I'm glad you enjoyed it also!

  5. I am reading this book right now, and I'm loving it! :)

  6. There's a new website/video for this title!

  7. I recently read this book and LOVED it. Mary Pearson is amazingly talented. :)


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