The Swan Maiden-- Heather Tomlinson

Doucette doesn't understand. Both her sisters are Swan Maidens, why isn't she? She doesn't want to train to be a boring noble lady because that's... well... boring. But she soon discovers that she has her own power, and with it comes a lot of perks, but power is very easy to abuse.

I really really liked this book. Henry Holt sent it to me to review (and I'm not sure how I do that) and it's the first book sent to be (for free) that I generally enjoyed reading. I would definitely recommend it.

It's very French, which I LOVE! And the characters are charming. The love story is really sweet as well.

WARNING- The first part dragged a little bit, for me at least, but give it a chance, it's really good.

~Enna Isilee

Coming soon, A review on The Faeries of Dreamdark- BlackBringer, by Laini Taylor.


  1. It's published by Henry Holt, isn't it? not Harper Collins.

    I'm reading this right now and really like it.

  2. Oh, I really want to read that, sometime! *puts it on ever expanding list of books I'm never going to be able to afford*

    Also, how do you get books for free to review? *innocent smile*

    Also, I loved Blackbringer. SO GOOD.

  3. Seriously, how do you get books to review? Is Squeaky Books that popular? Wow. Should I kneel?

  4. *major eye roll* O my goodness, did I say Harper Collins? Oh well. You know what I meant.

    And yes Q, of course Squeaky Books is that popular. NOT. I just about had a heart attack when Sarah Beth Durst said she read it.

    There are some online programs that you can get into. I've found that Henry Holt's is the best. I think I'll make a post about it either tomorrow or Thursday with more info and links.

  5. I'm part of Henry Holt In Group as well. They haven't sent me anything, though.

  6. Oh, sounds soo cool!! And I love the illustration, too... ;)

    ~Jess (Bohae)

  7. Oh, that's so kewel! I want 2 read it! :D

  8. The Swan Maiden sounds really great. I would love to read it! I don't think my library has it, but who knows.

  9. Today was too busy, what with play practice, a youth activity, and baking an orca cake. Hopefully tomorrow will give me time to post...

  10. Wow this looks very good! Now, I have to get it!

  11. you guys are fans of shannon hale i'd bet.


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