How To Get Free Books

So some of you displayed interest in knowing how to get free books, well we had a discussion a while back on LRRH and here's the info:

HipScouts- Little, Brown I don't believe I've recieved a single book from them but it doesn't hurt to sign up. Must be 13+

First Look Teen- Harper Collins I've gotten 2 books from them. It's a monthly lottery. Tell them why you want the book and if they think you deserve it, you'll get it.

Pulse It- Simon and Schuster I've gotten 2 from this one as well. It's good. They just randomly send you books.

In Group- Henry Holt This is probably my favorite. They send you an e-mail every month describing the book for that month, then you can say if you want it or not. If you want it, they'll send it to you. Simple as that.

Am I missing any? For some reason I thought there was more.

Well. There you go, that's that.

~Enna Isilee

Coming soon, a review on Blackbringer, by Laini Taylor.


  1. I don't really enjoy Pulse It. I'm in Hip Scouts. I think they sent me one book.

  2. Yeah. PulseIt's books can be a little inappropriate, but they sent me Uglies so I forgave them.

  3. I should probably sign up for In Group. I have the form filled out for Pulse It, but I don't think I'll send it in.

  4. In Group is really cool. I can't wait to get a book.

  5. I sent in the form for In Group a couple months ago, but they still haven't sent me anything. How long did it take for you?

    Right now I'm only doing Harperteen and Pulse It. I printed out the form for Hip Scouts, but I've been too lazy to send it in.

  6. Hm... I don't remember how long InGroup took me, but no more than a month or two.

  7. you can get books from too! i've gotten a couple books from them and i haven't been a member that long. also book divas is another one.

  8. Thanks so much for posting this. I knew about everything except the In Group, so of course I signed up! Also the Hip Scouts program is currently full, so I wasn't able to sign up for that one, but o well, I think I have enough books to occupy my time:)

    Would you be interested in exchanging links??

  9. Ah! Thanks for the links - I HAVE to check them out :D

    ~Jess (Bohae)~

  10. Oooh, thank you for the heads up! I'm totally looking into those.
    PS: Thank you for the link on the sidebar as well!

  11. that's like the most amazing thing every! they send you books... for free? i should SO do that. wonder if my parents will let me?

  12. I'm in pulse it, first look, and in group. For in group i just received my first book, but i'm not sure how to send in the review. I was wondering if you would know?

  13. InGroup should have attatched a word document that you fill out and e-mail back to them. If you didn't get the attatchment just e-mail Jennifer and she'll send you one.


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