Faeries of Dreamdark, Blackbringer-- Laini Taylor

Demon fighting crows and Faeries, who could ask for more? I know I couldn't. Magpie Windwitch is one-of-a-kind, she's the only faerie who still believes that the demons even still exist! Most of them just remember the old demon stories as... well.... stories. But the demons are back, and Magpie is going to stop them, with the help of her crow-brothers. But something comes along that Magpie's not ready to face, and threatens to take everything away.

Wow. That was probably the worst summary I've ever written. I don't think it does the book justice at all.

Anyway. I've been trying to get my hands on this book ever since I found out that Shannon Hale blurbed on it. I finally bought it with my Christmas money and devoured it in one day (all day). The characters were charming and perfectly loveable. I almost cried at parts and laughed out loud at others. I really wish I could post spoilers... but I don't do that. Or I try not to.

(It's very very good. I'm not in a very good writing mindset, I probably should have waited until I got home to write this, but I'm already way behind in my reviews.)

Oi. Capote's leeched my brain of all creativeness. Sorry Laini. I really liked it.

Is this only seeming lame to me?


Well, I'll re-read it over the summer and make another post. One that's more deserving.

~Enna Isilee

Coming soon, a review on Dragon Slippers, by Jessica Day George.


  1. I loved this book too! You all should read it.

  2. This book was wonderful!


  3. I'm so vexed they don't have this book at my library! I want it badly!

  4. Thank you for the review! I total excuse you for post-Capote brain-fry. I haven't read In Cold Blood, and I will take your advice and not do so any time soon. I saw the movie by accident last year (or the year before?) when my husband I and accidentally went into the wrong theater and then were too lazy to leave when we realized our mistake! While the movie was good, it was still an icky experience! Thank you VERY MUCH for spending your Christmas money on my book, especially considering the long list of titles above of books you want to buy! And, I loved Dragon Slippers -- curious to read your review of it, and curious to read her new book!



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