The Last Days-- Scott Westerfeld

This is a hard book to review, because I haven’t posted anything about the prequel Peeps but I’ll give it a go.

A disease is spreading through New York. Masses of people are going crazy. They begin hating things they once loved. Rats roam the streets, and “angels” are the only thing saving us so far.

What is this disease? The answer is simple, if unbelievable.


Throughout the book we learn that this is not the first time vampirism has emerged, but this may be the worst, or best.

A warning. This book is the epitome of “edgy” and should not be read lightly. There are some sexual references and bad words. The people in this book are not saints. But, if this doesn’t bother you I definitely recommend it. The story is interesting and the characters are intriguing. But please be sure to read Peeps first, it gives some more background to the plot.

I won’t say any more because I have no interest in giving it away. So if you’re the kind of person who likes to read a book without fear, don’t read this one. But if you can handle it I say go for it. Had I known how “edgy” it was going to be I probably wouldn’t have read Peeps, but I got caught in the story and couldn’t get out.

With that I wish you good luck.

~Enna Isilee

Coming soon, a review on The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan


  1. Hmmm... sounds intersting...

  2. I was warned away from Peeps because of the edgy factor, so I have no interest in reading it anymore, but I do need to read The Lightning Thief...

  3. I really liked Peeps. I thought is was a great story and a good take on vampirism, and I loved the odd chapters talking about real parasites.

    The Last Days was okay, but I didn't like it nearly as much as I liked Peeps. It just didn't really do it for me...


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