Extras-- Scott Westerfeld

“To everyone who wrote me to reveal the secret definition of the word ‘trilogy’.” ~Scott Westerfeld.

The Uglies “trilogy” is back, with the stunning fourth book Extras. Extras follows the story of Aya Fuse and her quest to become famous. Taking place about three years after the end of Specials this book does not disappoint. Or at least, it didn’t disappoint me.

In this time everyone is given a “feed,” much like blogs of today, where they can post anything they want. If people read their stuff and talk about it, the person’s “face rank” goes up. The highest being 1 and the lowest being 1,000,000. Aya is in the lower spectrum. A total extra. But she’s got a plan. She’s going to kick a story so huge everyone will have to notice her. But at what price?

I was frustrated at first. I loved Aya but I wanted to know what happened to Tally! I buzzed through the first pages wondering, will she come now? How about now? I eventually got so wrapped up in the story (even without Tally) that I soon lost this hasty approach. Aya is a delightful character and it’s great to get to know her and her feelings. The idea of having an economy based on popularity is a great idea (for a story, I’m not quite sure about real life).

This book is a wonderful rainy day read. If you’ve got nothing to do, sit down with Extras. If you have something to do I wouldn’t recommend this book (I read it in one sitting. One sitting that lasted about 4 hours). A wonderful story that captures you and won’t let go.

Mr. Westerfeld you’ve done it again. Now please allow me to inform you of the secret definition of sequels…

~Enna Isilee

Coming soon! A review on The Last Days by Scott Westerfeld


  1. I personally think that Uglies is better than Pretties and Specials... what do you think? Is Extras the best so far? Anyway, it sounds really cool - I'm really aching to read it, but I know that my school library doesn't have Extras (people are JUST getting into the *trilogy* can you believe? I think I need to drag an emergency book squad down to Indonesia to ship every book there is in the world and the future ones while they're at it : )

    Oh yes, by the way, I noticed that you're reading Spindle's End. I really like that book - what do you think of it so far? Sometimes you wouldn't think it was another version of Sleeping Beauty, though :D

  2. No. Extras is not best in my opinion. I couldn't choose.

    I'm only about 5 pages in to Spindle's End and I'm actually having a really hard time getting into it.

  3. Eep! Extras!

    That sounds good! I was a little worried about reading it, but now I realized that the reason I disliked Specials like I did was because I don't like Tally very much! I'm excited.

    Don't be discouraged! Often her books are hard to get into. Have you read The Blue Sword?

  4. And, when are you going to let me borrow it? *pokepoke*

    Spindle's End is kinda hard to get into. If I'd known you hadn't read Beauty yet, I would have given you a copy of that. It's much easier to get into.


  5. Teehee, I liked his dedication too.

  6. I really must finish it.

  7. Well you know Celes, Christmas is coming up. Hang tight for a few more weeks and don't buy it. ;)

    I'll admit that I gave up on Spindle's End. After P&P I wasn't in the mood to plog again. So I decided to read The Lightning Thief.

  8. Eep! Extras! It was amazing! I loved it SO MUCH.


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