Slowly Plogging

Okay so I won't post very much (even though I'm pretty sure no one cares because I lost my very few readers when I took my month-long haitus) because I'm currently reading Pride and Prejudice. I'm really liking it and I'm half-way through but it's slow going. I suppose I may post something random between now and then. I'll certainly post here about what happens on a certain eventful night that you certain LittleRed-ers should have gotten a PM about... but until then, I'm here.

~Enna Isilee


  1. Yes, I cannot wait to see what happens on that certain night. ;)

  2. Yeah, I know how busy you can get, so 'plogging' can be difficult :) And getting your former reader's attention again is hard, too :)

  3. I still check your blog, Enna Isilee. :D

  4. Me took Maribeth. Me too.

    Totally bohae. And did you know that I can't see your picture? Is it supposed to be that little red "x"?

    And thank you Anilee.

  5. No, I think something weird's happening... I keep trying to fix it, but it's very stubborn ;)

  6. my profile pic is working again : yay :)

  7. Ah! Indeed it is Bohae.

    And I "heart" you too Celes. You're blog is very nice as well. You're alwasy so supportive.

    The good news: I'm well over half way through the book.
    The bad news: I'm taking the ACT in 11 days.


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