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Okay so I won't post very much (even though I'm pretty sure no one cares because I lost my very few readers when I took my month-long haitus) because I'm currently reading Pride and Prejudice. I'm really liking it and I'm half-way through but it's slow going. I suppose I may post something random between now and then. I'll certainly post here about what happens on a certain eventful night that you certain LittleRed-ers should have gotten a PM about... but until then, I'm here.

~Enna Isilee

Books Of Bayern-- Shannon Hale

Sorry I haven’t posted in forever but I’m back. I haven’t head time to read that much but I have read a few books. Here’s the first post. I’ll probably post about once a day after this one until I’ve reviewed all the books I’ve read.

Now don’t try to deny that the Bayern books aren’t amazing, because they are. And if you haven’t read them do so now. Shannon Hale’s language is just absolutely amazing. I’d have to say that my favorite out of the three is Enna Burning but they’re all so fabulous. Hale is also working on the fourth in the series, though she says that it is coming very slowly.

In this series there are three books, beginning with The Goose Girl, Hale’s first novel, which tells of a princess, Anidori-Kiladra Talianna Isilee, or Ani, who travels to another country to marry a prince she knows nothing about. But on the way her horrible lady-in-waiting Selia forces her to flee when half the princesses guard turns against her and the other half is killed. The Goose Girl is the story of her finding herself, magic, love, and her place in this world.

Next is Enna Burning which follows the story of Enna, Ani’s friend. Enna’s brother Leifer has been acting strangely and Enna soon discovers what is wrong but doesn’t know what to do. The country is going to war and her brother eagerly accepts the call to arms. Enna wants to help him, to help Bayern, but can she stay above the influence of fire and deception?

Finally there is the newest installment in the series, River Secrets. Razo is a joker. He’s short, sassy, an all around trouble-maker, and a horrible fighter. But when he’s sent with the party to negotiate peace he soon finds that maybe he’s not so useless. Maybe he can make a difference. And maybe he can find a girl along the way.

Okay. So my summaries really stink. But I tried to make them spoiler free and that’s not so easy to do okay? Heh. Well there you are. The amazing, wonderful, fantastic Bayern books by Shannon Hale.

~Enna Isilee
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