The Prydain Chronicles-- Lloyd Alexander

On a recommendation from LittleRed (who had these recommended to her by Shannon Hale) I read the Prydain books by Lloyd Alexander. I had heard of these books before but I had never read them.

The Chronicles are the story of Taran, Assistant Pig-keeper, and his journey to become a man. At first all Taran wants is to be hero and then slowly he learns what it truly means to be a hero. There's love, danger, magic, and evil. Fantastic.

As some of you may or may not know, Lloyd Alexander passed away earlier this year. I couldn't fully appreciate what a loss this was to the literary community. Who knows? Maybe he would have written more!

Bear with me, I have to write about 5 books in one entry.

The Book of Three was very good. If a bit abrupt. I think it could have been stretched out a few more pages. Here began the basis of the characters and they were established very well.

I don't know how many of you have seen the animated movie of The Black Cauldron but it is NOTHING like the book. The movie takes pieces of all the books and mushes them together, at the same time twisting and warping them into an entirely different story. In The Black Cauldron novel I thought that the story was gripping and the details were nice, but what it shared in common with The Book of Three was that it was abrupt. Elements of the story were introduced and then discarded almost instantly.

The Castle of Llyr was no different than the previous two in my opinion, if perhaps a bit more humorous.

Taran Wanderer however was amazing. I found it an inspirational story of growing up and learning to find yourself. Truly wonderful. I was sure that it would be my favorite in the series. Not so.

The High King brought me to tears. A true masterpiece deserving of that shiny Newbery medal it wears. The complete selflessness and love in this book was just astounding. Holy cats.

I was able to read about a book and a half a day, but that was only because I had a lot of time and I just put my mind to it. I got a little frustrated in The Castle of Llyr because all of the books seemed so repetitive. But then I read Taran Wanderer and I was floored. If you haven't read these books I recommend that you do so. Now.

~Enna Isilee


  1. I read these when I was younger and really enjoyed them. I came back to them and I couldn't get through a book, but the memory I have is good anyway.

  2. I have never read them, and I probably should and probably will when my list of books to read gets a little smaller. ;)

  3. hwalk- Yes. I think that the first three are much more juvenile, but the last two really drew me in.


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