Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave-- Frederick Douglass

I'm not much a reader of non-fiction, historical or otherwise, but I found this book fascinating. Doulgass is an amazing writer. His words weren't just facts, they were passionate on his standpoint. I have never had much interest in the slave trade. It never seemed to concern me. But this book made me realize what a horrible thing it was.

As I was reading this book however I found that the author jumped around a lot. He knew his story so his brain probably filled the holes but I don't know his story so mine didn't. Often he would say something like "I stayed with that family until I was twelve" and then the next thing I knew he was between the ages of ten and eleven. And he talks about people like he's mentioned them before, but I found no trace of them in the previous text. I got lost often.

A very quick read. I started this morning and I finished this afternoon. Nonetheless this was a wonderful book. I recommend it.

~Enna Isilee


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