The Mysterious Benedict Society—Trenton Lee Stewart

A strange article appears in the paper. “Are you a gifted child?” Well many children think they are, and many parents think they have such a child. But only four children pass the test. And they are sent into the dangerous Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened (or LIVE) to stop the evil Mr. Curtain from brainwashing the world. But you’ve never seen a school like this.

“‘If any others leave the room in panic or dismay,’ she said sternly, ‘Please be sure to close the door behind you. Your sobs may disturb the other test takers.’ “

Ha! Charming. That is the perfect word for this book. Absolutely charming. A new novel, just come out this year, TMBS is quite hilarious and at the same time heartwarming. The touching story of these four poor kids and their struggle to find a place where they belong is just charming.

There were times where I thought the book was a bit too long. I would think “Okay, okay we get it. Move on!” but then I’d hit another good patch and I would fall back in love with the story.

Definitely a book I would recommend. Not particularly difficult to read, just a bit long in some places. But it’s a nice book that leaves you with a happy feeling. At least it did for me.


  1. Yes, this was definitely a "cozy-read". :)

  2. Oh you've read it Erin? Schweet.

  3. I saw this in a bookstore and I thought--I've seen that cover before and then I came here and realized that you had posted on it.

  4. Cool, I've take a look when I have the chance.

  5. I loved this book! Didn't you get it out on that long list of books everyone on LRRH recommended? Or was that someone else?

  6. This a great book. It has a sequal which I am reading now.


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